The Game That Strengthens Emotional Connection

  • Build Emotional Intelligence

    Navigate through a diverse range of emotions, from the wheel of emotions. Equip your child with the vocabulary and understanding needed to navigate the complex world of feelings.

  • Enhance Communication

    Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. How Do You Feel provides a an engaging way for parents and kids to discuss emotions openly, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.

  • Understand and Regulate Emotions Together

    Learn effective strategies for emotional regulation through practical tips provided. This game isn't just about understanding emotions; it's about managing them constructively.

What's Inside

48 Emotion Cards

Beautiful, easy to read cards featuring a variety of emotions.

Definitions & Similar Emotions

Understand the nuances of each emotion to broaden emotional vocabulary.

5 Thought-Provoking Questions

Spark meaningful communication with your child and encourage self-reflection.

Tips for Understanding & Regulation

Practical advice to help you and your child navigate the emotional landscape.

How To Play

  • Pick a Card: Choose an emotion card to explore.
  • Dive Deep: Read the definition, explore similar emotions, and answer thought-provoking questions together.
  • Learn and Connect: Utilize the tips provided to enhance understanding and regulate emotions.
  • Parents

    Strengthen your bond with your child while equipping them with essential emotional skills.

  • Educators

    Bring a fun and educational tool into your classroom to nurture emotional intelligence.

  • Therapists

    Use How Do You Feel to facilitate meaningful discussions and activities with your young clients.

Ready to Start Your Emotional Journey?

How Do You Feel is more than a game; it's an investment in your relationship and your child's emotional well-being. Order your set today and watch as the power of emotional connection transforms your family dynamics.

Connect, communicate, and regulate with How Do You Feel!